Aus Weather

Now available for Android

Aus Weather is the essential weather app for all Australians! Available on the Play Store for free, there is no excuse not to give it a try! With hundreds of unique locations and a great design, Aus Weather supports both smartphones and tablets! Aus Weather also has an ad-free in-app purchase available. Aus Weather supports a variety of features, including widgets, radars, notification and extended forecasts

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Features and Design

Feature packed and beautiful

The main card provides a quick overview of the day ahead. Is it going to rain? How hot's it going to get? And, with just a tap, you can drill into the details of the day, such as wind direction, current temperature, and humidity. Just scroll down to find the chances of rain throughout your day.

Sometimes, you want to see your week ahead. Plan in advance. See if that apple picking trip'll be called off. See the most important information at a glance. Just tap each individual day to get more details, such as rain chance and amount, as well as more description.

Keeping safe is also easy on Aus Weather. If you want to know the UV rating, or the fire danger, this is your place. If you don't know whether to wear a hat, or you're trying to gauge the fire danger today, warnings will keep you up to date. Scroll down for even more, state specific warnings.

Even More

More functionality to help you in your day

Theres even more stuff you can do in Aus Weather that we didn't list here. Like radars, widgets and notifications. Go check it out in the Play Store!




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