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So you have a computer network which is not big enough to employ a regular IT professional. However you don't want to be IT support as well as being the director, manager, accountant, secretary and hardest working person in your business? Do you want to improve your network and server performance but don't know where to start? Do you want an IT solution which does the work efficiently but doesn't cost you an arm and leg? Do you have problem in coping with the ever evolving computing technology? Our professional staff will come to rescue.

Our staff are experienced and qualified. Among us there is an engineer who is an Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE, a highly sought after qualification) in Windows NT/2000/2003/2008 tracks, Hewlett-Packard STAR NetServer Technical Professional (NTP) and SUN Micorsystem Certified System Administrator who has over 15 years experience in networking, Windows XP/7, Windows NT/2000/2003/2008, UNIX, LINUX and Macintosh environments. Under his leadership a professional service team has been forming.

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PC related


  • Hardware assembling
  • OS and software installation and configuration
  • Peripheral installation and testing
  • Troubleshooting system level problems and internet access etc.

Onsite services available.

Server & Network

Installation and configuration of servers, workstations, hubs, switches, routers, firewalls and other network devices. Server and network problem diagnosis and resolution.

Examples of Server and Network Related Services:

  • Print and file server
  • Network switch
  • Internet connection sharing
  • Network security
  • Addition of servers and workstation to network
  • Backup and restore
  • Network wide virus software and update

Onsite services available.

System Administration

Either on-site or remote, regular or ad-hoc.

For Windows 3.11, Windows 9x (ME), Windows NT/2000, Linux, Macintosh and UNIX sites.

Examples of System Administration:

  • Day-to-day Windows NT/2000 domain administration (user accounts, file permissions, databases, network security and printers etc)
  • UNIX web server (apache) and proxy server (squid) administration
  • Day-to-day UNIX administration (user, permissions, file sharing and backup/restore etc)
  • Interoperation between Window NT/2000 and UNIX platforms (Samba, SFU etc)

System Engineering

Business analysis, network and system engineering and design.

Examples of engineering tasks:

  • Local Area Network (LAN) design and implementation
  • ADSL access and sharing
  • Hardware and software firewalls
  • Server design and build (hardware)
  • Server design, installation and configuration (software)
  • Backup design and configuration (hardware and software)
  • Server Clustering


Have you heard of $200/hour or even up to $3000/day charged by some IT "gurus"? We have. It's common place in IT services industry. We are not going to do that to our valuable clients.

At ATM, professional services are charged according to the nature of work involved, the level of expertise and experience required, and locations where services are being carried out. We recommend that clients make an appointment with our technician or system engineer to discuss the nature and scope of work before you have to commit any thing with us. After discussion, an outline of plan and subsequent charge schedule will be produced by ATM staff. Quality services and affordable prices are the key to our success.

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